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His comments provided a rare glimpse of certainty in an otherwise baffling environmental mystery hanging over a booming offshore oil industry. A report by state-owned oil firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA, known as Petrobras, first suggested that the crude had properties of Venezuelan oil.

The government later conducted its own analysis confirming the properties of the oil, Bim said.

Rio de Janeiro, Beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jericoacoara Beach, Ceará, Brazil

There is no doubt the cause of the oil spill was criminal in nature, as otherwise it would have been internationally reported, Bim said. Ship-to-ship transfers involve passing oil between two vessels at sea. The town is a popular weekend getaway for the wealthy from Salvador who are attracted to Praia do Forte by its beaches and Atlantic breezes which make it a perfect area for sailing and windsurfing.

The Peninsula de Marau Marau Peninsula is in the south of Bahia, close to Salvador, and is an idyllic area of islands, mangroves, palm trees, lakes, deserted beaches as far as the eye can see and stunningly unspoilt scenery. The main town on the peninsula is the lovely Barra Grande which juts out into the Bay of Camamu and it is here that most visitors stay.

The Best Beaches in Brazil

However the peninsula also offers a number of other accommodation options and some very luxurious ones at that. The lovely beach town of Praia de Pipa is just over an hour south of Natal and is one of the most delightful towns on the Brazilian coastline. Until a few years ago the town was relatively unknown but has grown to be the most fashionable place to stay in the north east.

That is not to say it is overwhelmed by tourism, far from it.

Backpackers and surfers still remain but intermingle with Brazilian celebrities in boutique hotels. Ilha do Mel, the honey island, lies off the coast of the state of Parana in the south of Brazil.

A beautiful hour glass shaped island, free from cars and pollution and the perfect place to escape from it all. Located a short drive away from Fortaleza, the beautiful town of Canoa Quebrada is a former hippie haven, with people drawn to the town by the miles of bright white sand and the crystal blue sea offset by the striking red cliffs. Beaches View the best of Brazil's beaches. Trancoso Trancoso is perhaps the coolest beach destination in Brazil.

Fernando de Noronha Fernando de Noronha is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Jericoacoara Beach

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