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Megan Derr 55 pages 18 February The Hot Twins were sitting at the breakfast nook with his dad. Oh, god, what the hell were they doing there? At nine in the morning?

While his hair was standing on end and he was wearing Spiderman pyjama pants? Rabbit Season is the story of Sidney, a duck shape shifter, who has grown up in the years since he last saw the twin rabbit shifters, Brook and Colby. Unfortunately, his crush on them has not lessened in the intervening years, a crush that he deems hopeless as he knows that Brook and Colby despite societal norms are together.

It is decided that the twins will be staying with Sidney and his dads until the culprits are caught. Unknown to Sidney, the twins have been waiting for the younger duck shifter to grow up, and they may be ready to finally make their move. Unlike many of the books we review on this blog, this is certainly a book for adults as there are several sex scenes. It was a very quick read, which I finished in a single sitting. The most impressive thing about the novella is how much is packed in it. In so few pages Derr is able to create a whole, complex world which I did not realize she had already explored in the first Lost Shifters book, Backwoods Asylum.

It was fascinating to learn about all the different types of shifters, how they interacted with their own kind and other shifters, and the politics of this world. Even more impressive than the world were all the characters. By the end of the book the main three characters, and a handful of secondary characters were all more fleshed out than a single character in the first pages of Twilight!

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Not only are the characters complex, with bold and shy moments, but the interactions between characters are fun. While Sidney and his dads are not a conventional family, the love they share is very clear without ever coming across as sappy. Even better is how in love his dads are, but they are also open with how difficult their relationship has been due to outside forces something they see being a similar problem for Sidney and the twins.

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The romance between Sidney and the twins, like the rest of the story, was surprisingly nuanced. Finds puppies that ap So. Finds puppies that apparently had been abandoned. It should be noted that it is very cold out.

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And the little baby puppies were huddled, whimpering, trying to keep warm - when the weresnake - in snake form - appeared. One puppy darted backwards, other darted forward. Snakeman quickly turns back into human form. Puppies tentatively crawl forward and into his lap. Though that might be because he sounded like the grim gruff version of Batman when he was attempting to speak with the darkest grimest voice possible.

Rating: Narrator: 3. Personal notes: Skylar is a snake-shifter Sweetie who heard the cries of two shivering pups not puppies, but wolf-babies! Awww in the middle of a cold night. So he calls his crush Brady this is an LBGT romance novella , a wolf-shifter who tries to contact the parents of these pups. All horror and shifters go to the 'unnatural' tag. Anyway, I feel like Skylar is the character who behaves the most like me in terms of valuing my feelings. If anyone wanted to understand me better, I would shove th Personal notes: Skylar is a snake-shifter Sweetie who heard the cries of two shivering pups not puppies, but wolf-babies!

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If anyone wanted to understand me better, I would shove this book into their hands. Sep 17, Mell rated it liked it. This is a fun story. I enjoy reading and rereading it often. Skylar is such an interesting person and the puppies are so adorable.

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I just wish that the world Megan created for this book didn't feel so small and restricted. Backwoods Asylum gives off a feel of a side story to a larger work where everything that isn't explained in this wonderful short story is made clear. Shelves: favorites , mm , scavhunt-rec , audiobook. The cubs are delightful, and Skylar's protectiveness is so genuine and sincere, especially with his background.

Jan 19, M'rella rated it liked it Shelves: time-contemporary , species-shifters-weres-canines , sexcontent-no-sex , year , theme-season-winter , g-fairy-tales-folklore. Loosely based on Hansel and Gretel. Sweet and short, with puppy as in real puppies love. Sep 14, Molli B. Tiny wolf shifters! Who are too little to shift yet.

Just lots of cute and sweet. This was a sweet story with just the right amount of drama. It's a quick read, only 17k, but if you're looking at plot, it's well-paced and quick moving. I wouldn't call what Skylar and Brady have insta-love, because they've known each other for awhile, but it's kinda like Which is actually okay because the story isn't very long and, really, you just want everyone to be happy in the end, regardless of how it happens.

I like reading about what the various kinds of shifters experience, so Skylar's aversion to cold, his need for glasses, the way he doesn't feel compelled to live near his family like wolves do , it was all interesting and well done. But it's certainly not too full of itself or anything. Anyway, super quick, super sweet read. Puppy gifs! Dec 30, Wax rated it really liked it Shelves: mm , own-have , zutc-bonus , zutc. So cute. I love stories with unusual shifters, and this was no exception.

If only it had been a bit longer to really flesh out what happened. I felt like everything went so quickly that I couldn't really get a good feel for the MCs' relationship. But really wish it were longer. Paul Morey has yet to let me down. He elevated my enjoyment.

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  4. My only issue was the fade-to-black on the sexy times. I was not a happy camper about that, but my love of Paul Morey's voice made up for it. And then we have Brady, a wolf shifter Skylar knows from college.

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    Book Review: Backwoods Asylum (Lost Shifters #1) by Megan Derr

    Brady has always acted like a dick to Skylar because he wanted to get to know him better but was irritated that Sky Wait, let me put on my big suspension of disbelief pants. Brady has always acted like a dick to Skylar because he wanted to get to know him better but was irritated that Skylar was afraid of him. Because yes, acting like a dick totally helps when you want to get to know someone better.