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Maugham found a parallel to the turmoil of our own times in the duplicity, intrigue and sensuality of the Italian Renaissance. Then and Now enters the world of Machiavelli, and covers three important months in the career of that crafty politician, worldly seducer and high priest of schemers.

Casanova in Paris: The Shadows of the King – Part One

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He has nothing to do, no one to talk to but his hotel's head waiter, and nothing to read in English but a four-day-old newspaper.

It will be days before the rest of his family joins him to continue their grand tour. Rome, and the Actor's Punishment. My Amours with Gallimena and then the journey to Soyento. The Florentines are mocked by the King. My Journey to Salerno before returning to Naples. I make a mistake and Manucci becomes my mortal foe and seeks his vengeance. I leave Madrid and head to Saragossa, then on to Valentia before arriving in Barcelona.

Due to my my imprudence I am imprisoned. On my release I depart from Barcelona. Madame Castelbajac at Montpellier. In this episode, Casanova further shares his travel experiences of Russia and Poland. After leaving Riga, Cassanova goes for adventures in St. Petersburg, where he meets the Empress. He vividly portrays the Russian landscape as well as the life-styles of the people.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova

A Letter from Pauline and the Avenging Parrot. I meet Sara again and have the idea of marrying her and settling in Switzerland. Augusta becomes Lord Pembroke's titular mistress. On the departure of the Hanoverians I balance my accounts before meeting the Baron Stenau. The Island of Captain Sparrow S. A Freudian would answer: We know a few tantalising titbits about Zanetta. Ruthlessly ambitious, she abandoned him when he was a child to pursue her vocation as an actress. Casanova saw her infrequently during the rest of his life.

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  5. He met striking, brilliant, desirable women, never spending much time with them, but often devoting years of thought to them after the fact. Other affairs, with courtesans, prostitutes and scam artists, were more sordid. Some of his affairs were adolescent and shallow; others exploitative and selfish, and some, especially in England, seemed doomed to fail and painful to hear or read about. A select few were exquisite. At least he was willing to learn from most of them, claiming: And at times he did just that. At other times, he was quite calculating and predatory.

    Yet many women eluded his grasp, and he regretted coupling with others, especially those who imparted sexually transmitted diseases.

    The real-life Casanova bore scant resemblance to the popular image of the fabled seducer. He was tall, at least 6ft 1in cm , swarthy, sturdy, with a large forehead and prominent nose that gave him an awkward appearance. He wore a powdered wig, in the fashion of the time; silk breeches; a satin coat; lace trim; a black cloak or tabarro ; a three-cornered black hat; and, in true Venetian fashion, a rigid white mask or bauta that the wearer could keep in place while eating and drinking. Women generally wore the eerie black moretta , a mask held in place with a button between the front teeth, preventing them from talking.

    Aside from masks, men and women dressed almost identically, as if at a perpetual costume ball. Legend has it that the original invaders of the Venetian lagoon wore masks for protection and disguise, and they continued the practice by law. Men found the real Casanova off-putting and pompous. On the other hand, women were attracted by his charm, attentiveness and agile cunning.

    Casanova in Paris: The Shadows of the King – Part One

    Although he was reluctant to admit it, Casanova was not completely heterosexual; one of his chief early loves was a young man, or so he believed. He later discovered that the object of his adoration was really a well-disguised woman. His feelings about women, and experiences with them, were so complicated and varied that it took Casanova 12 lengthy volumes of memoirs to sum them all up. For him, women were the focus of his life.

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    It might seem that his uninhibited existence marked him as a man ahead of his time, but he was not. He was a man of his time, a libertine. Nor was the libertine existence confined to the margins of society. Priests and popes participated in the merrymaking, oblivious to the hypocrisy of siring children or keeping young mistresses and catamites. For his readers, there is much to learn about love in the pages of his memoirs, its splendours and follies and tragedies. Casanova had a large repertoire of seduction techniques — gifts, flattery, persistence, deception, new-fangled birth-control devices such as condoms, and eloquence — and he never lost his sense of excitement whenever the penny dropped.

    He was a trickster, narcissistic but also generous. He was highly attuned to the amount of pleasure he gave to a woman, or that she experienced with him. Female sensual pleasure and orgasm — la jouissance , as it was called — was of paramount importance. His emphasis on giving the woman sexual pleasure was the secret of his success as a lover. Fingers crossed, we would like the site eventually to become a genuinely valuable resource for anyone interested in Casanova or the political and social history of eighteenth-century Europe.

    The joy of developing a website such as this is the flexibility and creative independence it gives to us as well as the possibility, if the opportunity arises, to collaborate with other writers, artists and maybe even historians. In addition, there is a range of other material which is freely available: Range of related history articles.

    The Shadows of the King - Part 1. Casanova's Life and Times. In the long term.