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Related Music Beta question-dark Versions - Different performances of the song by the same artist Compilations - Other albums which feature this performance of the song Covers - Performances of a song with the same name by different artists. I really had never listened to her except God Bless America , and figured I probably wasn't going to.

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But, finding this collection, I decided to sample her on All of Me -- a difficult tune to do well, just to see how someone like he would handle it. Well, she does it quietly. Would I rather listen to Mildred or Ella, or Connee, than these tunes? But most of these tunes merit listening I find some of the numbers shrill.

And its always nice to go back to the attic and find one's negative preconceptions erased. But, maybe I'll hut down some of her OTR Reviewer: bijoushow - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 9, Subject: A priceless collection of Kate Smith gems! People who enjoy good music should jump for joy over this collection! I've been a fan of Kate since the 80s, and there were a few songs here I've been looking for.

Kate Smith is one of great singers of the 20th century, and this collection shows why. President Reagan, who appeared with her in the movie "This Is the Army," awarded her the Medal of Freedom—the nation's highest civilian honor—at a ceremony in Raleigh and expressed condolences when informed of her death Tuesday. Nancy and I will miss her and extend our deepest sympathy to her family.

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Kate Smith had no formal music training "The voice is a God-given gift. I don't question it and I don't train it. I just use it as I think the Lord intended. But those who heard her rich, contralto voice were not likely to forget it.

Will you Come With me Over the Mountain?

The latter song, which she helped write, was for years her best-known effort and accounted for more than 2 million of the 19 million records she sold. The theme song was eclipsed, though, by the phenomenal public reaction to "God Bless America," which became for several years a virtual second national anthem and inspired a public relations man to christen the singer, "radio's own Statue of Liberty. Kathryn Elizabeth Smith was born May 1, according to family members and court documents; many reference books identify the year as in Greenville, Va.

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Her parents took her to church in Washington, D. So of course, I pretended I could read them and the music out of the book. Her family tried to discourage her interest in show business. It was not considered a suitable career for well-bred young southern girls.

But Kate continued to sing at schools and church benefits. She added the Charleston to her act and won numerous contests. And when she was finally persuaded to begin nurse's training, the call of the stage proved too compelling. At 17, she set out to seek her fortune in New York and, after a few months of predictable disappointments, began to find work filling in for ailing performers at second-rate vaudeville houses.

It was during one of these stand-in appearances that she caught the eye of stage star Eddie Dowling, who signed her for a role in his new musical "Honeymoon Lane. The part he offered was no boost for the ego: The 5-foot, inch Kate, who already weighed more than pounds, was cast as Tiny Little, a fat girl who was ridiculed by other characters. But the part included a couple of songs, and when the show opened Aug. All the same, when she came back to New York, she found she was still perceived as a fat-girl comedian, and her next appearance was as a foil for comedian Bert Lahr in "Flying High," where she endured such lines as, "When she sits down, it's like a dirigible coming in for a landing.

But friends knew she wept in her dressing room after many performances, and for a while considered getting out of show business. In , however, she ran into a major stroke of good fortune in the form of Columbia Records representative Ted Collins, who decided to see "Flying High" when he had time to kill after missing his train.

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Collins was impressed by the overweight girl singer, asked to see her backstage and there and then began a relationship that endured until his death in You're a major star, and I want you to start acting like one. He booked her into the Palace, the country's top vaudeville house for what turned out to be a record run, and on May 1, , arranged for her to make her debut on network radio. It wasn't much—just a minute, five-day-a-week broadcast on CBS for which she was paid about 65 cents a minute. But the network quickly became aware that the singer's style she began the show by saying, "Hello, everybody," sang "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" and closed with, "Thanks for listenin' "—a format that would remain throughout her career and her voice had touched a special chord.

She arranged with the song's writer, Irving Berlin, for the exclusive right to sing the song on the air, introduced it on her Armistice Eve program and continued to sing it week after week on her shows.

One of these, a hour marathon on Feb. President Franklin D. Roosevelt paid tribute to her influence on home-front morale when, introducing her to visiting King George VI of England, he said, "This is Kate Smith--this is America. After the war, her radio show, "Kate Smith Speaks" moved from CBS to the Mutual Broadcasting System, when she accused CBS of "restrictions and censorship" the network said her sponsor had declined to renew her contract and in she made her debut on television with "The Kate Smith Hour," which was called the first major daytime TV program.